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Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR & Payroll

With Tech Ventures Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR & Payroll module you can achieve accuracy in disbursement of salaries and wages. Employees earn payment for work that is performed during a defined calendar period, which is known as a pay period. To make sure the payments are accurate, the system can manage all the earnings and deductions applicable to every employee during any pay period.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central HR & Payroll Key Features

Employee Information

Microsoft Dynamics HR modules allows allows you to maintain extensive information about your employees. This information can be used for multiple purposes based on business situations. Pay Central also helps you to maintain information regarding the employee qualifications, and certifications.

Employee Documents

Maintaining records of documents for employees is important for the Human Resources. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Payroll allows to maintain all documentation like Passport, Visa, Insurance, Driving Licenses and Identity. On occasions system will also remind when these documents are about to reach their expiry.

Dependents Information

Multiple records can be created for employee dependents and relatives along with their contact information. This information can be used in case of emergencies and in certain cases to calculate employee benefits.

Monthly Payroll

Using Payroll module for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central you can run your monthly payroll and automate the process of payroll calculation. System will calculate the payroll based on pay codes, benefits and deductions. It also calculate the accruals required to be processed. Tech Ventures payroll for Dynamics 365 is tightly integrated with General Ledger module.

Employee Self Serve

Dynamics 365 Business Central Payroll is equipped with Self-Serve portal allowing you to automate your HR related tasks. Your employees using Business Central will be able to enter timesheets, access basic information of theirs (Certifications, Passport Details, Visa details, Licenses, IDs), request documents like salary certificates, request advances and loans, and print pay slips.

Leaves & Absences

Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR will allow you to maintain multiple type of leave policies. These leaves can be requested using the self serve portal, adjusted with your monthly payroll as and when required. Pay Central will automatically calculates the remaining balances for these leaves.

Microsoft Dynamics Payroll

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Is your solution cloud-based or on-premises?

Pay Central can be deployed both on-premises and in the cloud, depending on your business needs and preferences. The cloud option offers greater flexibility, scalability, and remote accessibility.

Is Pay Central integrated with the Finance Module?

Yes, Pay Central is integrated with the financial module allowing you to record the expenses, & liabilities pertaining to employees. 

Does Pay Central support performance management and employee evaluations?

Absolutely. Our solution provides tools for setting goals, conducting performance reviews, and tracking employee progress to support continuous development and performance improvement.

Does your solution handle different pay structures and schedules?

Our payroll module supports various pay structures, including hourly, and salaried.

Can your HR & Payroll solution be customized to fit our specific needs?

Yes, Pay Central is highly customizable. We can tailor workflows, reports, and interfaces to match your specific business processes and requirements. 

How easy is it to migrate data from our current system to your solution?

We offer data migration services to ensure a smooth transition from your current system to our HR & Payroll solution. Our team will assist you throughout the process to minimize downtime and data loss. 

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