IMOS Integration

Optimize Your Freight Operations with Seamless VESON NAUTICAL IMOS-Business Central Integration

Streamline your freight operation management with Tech Ventures’ two-way integration, designed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central according to Dynamics 365 standards and best practices. Businesses can now manage their customers and related payments more efficiently, eliminating the need for entering data on multiple systems. Tech Ventures, IMOS-Business Central integration connector allows for seamless management of transactions and payments for voyage execution within Business Central, significantly enhancing the user experience.

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Key Features

Sales & Purchase Invoice Integration:

Sales and purchase invoices are automatically transferred from IMOS to Business Central, ensuring that financial records are updated in real-time without manual intervention. This minimizes the risk of errors associated with manual data entry, improving data accuracy and reliability.

Sales & Purchase Credit Memo Integration:

Sales and purchase credit memos from IMOS are seamlessly integrated into Business Central, maintaining accurate and up-to-date records of all credit transactions. Through this integration businesses can enhance operational efficiency by automating the transfer of credit memos, saving time and resources.

General Journal Integration:

General journal entries are imported from IMOS to Business Central, providing a complete view of financial transactions, facilitating better financial analysis and reporting.

Customer Master Data Integration:

Customer master data is synchronized from Business Central to IMOS, ensuring consistency and accuracy across both systems. It helps businesses maintain a single source for customer data, reducing discrepancies and enhancing customer relationship management.

Payment and Exchange Rate Integration:

Payment information and exchange rates are transferred from Business Central to IMOS, ensuring that financial transactions are processed accurately. This supports global operations by providing up-to-date exchange rates.

Payment Reversal Integration:

Payment reversals are managed efficiently by sending data from Business Central to IMOS, ensuring that all financial adjustments are accurately recorded, enhancing transparency and control over financial adjustments, improving overall financial governance.

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