Cloud ERP, Does It Make Any Difference?

Does a cloud based ERP make any difference? Yes!

If you are running your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system on legacy servers in an on-premises environment, you might be stifling your growth potential without even knowing it. Legacy servers have served the corporate landscape for over a decade with diligence, but in this e-commerce and instantaneous world, they might be an over-head cost nightmare, especially for SMBs. Switching to cloud based ERP solution on the other hand, makes a lot of difference.

Cloud ERP: The Future of Corporate Solutions

Recently most of the businesses prefer a cloud-based ERP over an on-premises ERP, and there are several reasons why switching to it might make a significant difference:


Even if you are deploying an ERP on legacy servers that you already have, the typical one-time licensing cost can be a significant capital expenditure that might offset your IT budget. It will cost you significantly more if it requires infrastructure investment as well. Cloud ERP on the other hand, is typically available on monthly payments. Even if the system might cost you more in the long run, the cost would be spread out over a significant period and its benefits would outweigh the cost difference by a substantial margin.

Ease of Deployment

Compared to a traditional ERP system, cloud ERPs are easy to deploy, the deployment requires minimal time and effort. They come with advanced on boarding features which allows your ERP to be available for use in very less time.


Information is the new currency, and readily available information is the key success factor for any business. Most well-known cloud ERPs are accessible from any device. They come with mobile application allowing their users to see data. Or perform transactions whenever and wherever they want.


This used to be a chief argument against cloud ERPs. But since the cloud migration has gained traction across the board. Cloud security has outstripped traditional one. especially for ERPs. Cloud service providers are tasked with securing the precious data for multiple businesses. And they need to be more secure than any single business entity, by necessity. They spent most of their budgets on getting their customers data secured.

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