Why a Microsoft CRM is what you need to turn your business process around?

What is CRM software? 

Is it getting hard tom maintain the information for all your customers? CRM takes out this entire process by digitizing the entire record process. Many organizations use CRM nowadays to fasten the customer relationship-building process. An example of CRM software is Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  


How has CRM revolutionized customer handling?

A CRM not only fastens the record-making process but can also provide insights which allow targeting products to existing customers. information about a customer’s past purchases can provide vital information about new products that might appeal to them. products can then be targeted to them. 


CRM can give huge amounts of insight based on the information available. The software can also suggest a suitable pricing strategy based on the available information. an example is dynamic pricing, the process of selling products based on the level of demand. The CRM  software merged with artificial intelligence allows the creation of reports and dashboards. Dashboards and reports help with decision-making.

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The combination of CRM and AI also eliminates the process of analyzing huge chunks of information. if we come to complaints handling, CRM software are also providing the option for generating ticket since tickets provide written records of complaints with written updates from the relevant departments on the issue,this eliminates the need to move to other departments to get progress.


Lastly, a large number of employees leaving your organization can be bad. If sales employees are on the ones leaving particularly. Sales employees take along with their vital customer relationships. CRM software maintains the data of all your customers digitally. This can allow you to maintain the relationship with your clients.        


How to decide what exactly you would like in your CRM software?

Choosing which CRM software to go with depends entirely upon you. there are a lot of options available to choose from, such as Microsoft ERP solutions. However, remember, “one size never fits all”. below are a few factors you should consider before choosing a particular option.


1. The size of your business: 

size definitely makes a huge difference in what is good for you; as mentioned earlier, one size never fits all. also, excess of anything is bad. this sits well here because you’ll only need software that fits the functions that apply to your business. you probably don’t need a lot of functions if your business is small.

2. The market in which you operate:

The type of CRM will also depend upon which sector you operate in. The customer dealing type differs for the service sector and manufacturing industries.


3. Are your people ready to accept change:

Most people in particular, are not familiar with products such as Microsoft Dynamics AX or Microsoft Dynamics NAV. you need to ensure that CRM software is user-friendly as per the intellect level of your users.   


Why is Microsoft Dynamics the best CRM solution for you?

Microsoft dynamics is a completer business solution to ensure that your business is covered digitally in every aspect. Whether it is sales, finance or operations. the products include Microsoft dynamics 365 business central, previously known as Microsoft Navision. This software provides a complete solution for every aspect of your business, along with report-based results. This helps you further with important decision-making. the second product is Microsoft 365 AX, which is built particularly for finance and operations.


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Who can help you out with Microsoft dynamics

If you are looking for a Microsoft Dynamics partner in UAE or anywhere who can help you with the implementing process for Microsoft d365 finance and operations. so there are companies offering these consultation services in partnership with Microsoft. Tech-ventures global is one such service provider. This company helps out with every process for Microsoft 365, from the installation all the way to the implementation process.


In a nutshell…

Which CRM software you use will not guarantee the success of your business. Microsoft dynamics may be the market leader for ERP solutions. What will matter more is what size fits you. And that will work after analyzing a lot of factors.

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